The Story

Most women experience a loss of energy in their faces as they age.

This energy is the self-light that looks like freshness and glow.

The sparkle in your eye.

The ability to move, the POWER to grow, and the flow required, in order to glow.

We've mistakenly thought that this dimming of self-light was unavoidable and we have given it names like dullness and wrinkles, and just plain being old.

Some of us have tried to turn the light back on by freezing or treating, but the more control we use, the more we fade into the shadows.




This is for the woman seeing changes in the mirror and who is still committed to age beautifully and well, and who knows in her bones, there has got to be a better way.

Each lesson in the Ageless Ritual Treasury acts as an activating key and will unlock tdoor to conscious radiance and ageless energy and glow.

The techniques, methods, and activations contained in the treasury are to be used along with ultra-premium, small-batch, concentrated skin nutrition plus light, sound, and frequencies within a daily, weekly, and monthly beauty ritual.


This treasury is included in Amy's Ageless Ritual, including 3 signature tools, and a light, sound, and microcurrent device, and can be registered for at no- cost with the special code included.

If you have your own products and tools and would like to practice with them, purchase the course here.

The Ageless Ritual Treasury

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Hi, I'm Amy

I'm an award-winning skincare expert, formulator, and beauty visionary and I am ALL IN on energetic alternatives to cosmetic fillers, treatments and injections.

If you hang out with me, I'll teach you how to be your own energetic beauty expert and live radiantly, and well, outside of any age.

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