The Daily I Am Ritual is your first step towards creating a powerful beauty blueprint and incorporating consciousness, in the mirror, on daily basis.

If you are over 30 and have more than 5 serums, moisturizers, and creams, that you've purchased from the internet, the drugstore, or influencer, and you aren't using them intentionally within the structure of a ritual--then I know that you've never seen dramatic results with any product, and are always on the lookout for a better option.

This Masterclass will help you go from overwhelmed and random with your skincare, to powerful clear, and intentional without the need for a new product or a tool.

You will learn how to incorporate the power of the ingredients you are using, decide on your desired results in the form of intentions, and harness the power of your cellular consciousness, with my energetic technique every time your products every time you look in the mirror.

This method works best with Skin Nutrition but is great to establish in your existing regimen, in order to prepare your skin for more effective, deeper penetrating skin nutrition when you are ready to upgrade your products.

This is your first step towards becoming powerfully clear about how you desire to look and feel now and in 10 years.

The Ageless Ritual Treasury

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Available in days
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Hi, I'm Amy

I'm an award-winning skincare expert, formulator, and beauty visionary and I am ALL IN on energetic alternatives to cosmetic fillers, treatments, and injections.

I'll teach you how to be your own energetic beauty expert and live radiantly, and well, outside of any age.